About Me

As a professor of English, I have taught a full schedule of classes, including English Composition, British Literature, American Literature, Poetry Writing, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction, and African American Literature.
My experience also includes work in reading and writing labs, which means I am proficient with technology. I have also taught computer-training programs. This lab experience provided me with supervisory opportunities and technical skills. Moreover, this exposure to technology allowed me to learn several online and hybrid course-management systems including Moodle, Blackboard and ePortfolio. 
I was the Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the University of South Alabama where I taught for nearly a decade. During my tenure, I chaired departmental and university committees, organized events, designed courses and did fundraising. However, that job ended during the recession when the department experienced a substantial personnel change, including the retirement of my chair and department dean. I am searching for a place that will benefit from my considerable experience and skills.

Curriculum Vita


       [The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.]

       M.F.A. in English | Thesis: “The Perfect Solid”                                                                                        1998

       [Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, La.]
       B.A. Liberal Arts | Concentration: Journalism | Minor: History                                                           1990


[Graduate Fellowship, University of Alabama]                                                                                              July 1994 – May 1998
[Graduate Council Fellowship, University of Alabama]                                                                                January – December 1995
[Dean’s Merit Assistantship, University of Alabama]                                                                        May – December 1998

                                                                                        A Summary of Foundational Courses in English

                                                                                                                Composition & Rhetoric
                                                                                                                      British Literature
                                                                                                                    American Literature


Southeasern Louisiana University [Hammond, La.]

          English 232 “American Literature”                                                                                                         2016
          English 102 “Critical Reading and Writing”                                                                    
          [Proctor/Grader for the Louisiana Board of Regents proficiency exam and portfolio
          evaluation: a two-week process requiring instructors to score student writing done
          during the semester, to monitor an on-site writing exam and to grade the exam afterward.]

          American Literature                                                                                                                                 2015

          English 101 “Freshman Composition”      
ITT Technical Institute [Mobile, AL.] supervisor and lecturer

        Lecturer – EN 1320 “Composition I”                                                                                                        2014-Supervised TA’s
          [34 Theory Hours, 22 computer lab Hours]

        Lecturer – EN 1420 “Composition II”                                                                                  
          [Using the ITT Tech Virtual Library and computer lab. 90 percent online]

        Tutor – HESI, an exam required for entry into nursing school                                       

        Lecturer – EN 1320 “Composition I” | EN 1420 “Composition II”                                                        2013

        Tutor – HESI, an exam required for entry into a nursing school                                    

The University of South Alabama [Mobile, AL.]

        Assistant Professor
          English 101, 102 | Survey of American Literature                                                                               2011
          English 101 | Survey of British Literature I | Survey of American Literature II                              2010
          English 102 | Survey of American Literature II                                                                                    2009

          Advanced Poetry I & II; EH 485/486                                                                              
          [Worked with students of exceptional talent; discussed craft and poetic theory]
          Advanced Poetry
          Creative Nonfiction I & II; EH 393/394                                                                         
          [Concentrated on personal or narrative essay, nature writing (which included field trips)
          cultural criticism, and memoir; course included ethnographic field studies and course blogs]

          Poetry Writing I & II; EH 395/396                                                                                  
          [Conducted readings in contemporary poetry; studied fixed and open verse forms
          and their metrics and led practice in producing poems and explications.]

          English 101                                                                                                                          

          Writing Short Fiction; EH 390                                                                                                                  2007
          [Developed variable content for addressing selected topics in literature and writing,
          e.g. science fiction, genre plots]

          Fiction Writing; EH 391                                                                                                     
          [Led critical discussion on compositions and publication; emphasized quality fiction for

          The Graphic Novel; EH 490                                                                                                                     Course Created
          [Developed all aspects of course, concentrating on genres of the novel, novel hybrid,
          comics and the graphic novel. Readings included fiction, autobiography, essay and
          viewing media. The course also included construction of graphic work which was
          published online.]

Part of the African-Studies Program

          Contemporary Black Fiction; EH 468                                                                                                     2006
          [Led a close reading of selected fiction published since World War II by such authors as
          James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Ernest J. Gaines, Gloria Naylor,
          and Julius Lester]

          Black Writers in America; EH 242                                                                                  
          [Conducted a survey of literature by major African-American authors from the early
          colonial period to the present. Readings included fiction, poetry, drama, autobiography,
          and polemical prose.]

          Black Science Fiction Writers in America; EH 242                                                      
          [Instructor’s modification of “Black Writers in America.”
          We traced the development of science fiction writing by major African-American authors
          from the early 50s period to the present.]

Visiting Writer

          Imaginative Writing I; EH 331 Willamette University                                                                          2007
          [Co-taught with the Hallie Ford Chair. Reading, discussion and analysis of poetry,
          emphasizing the South of the U.S.]

          Imaginative Writing II; EH 332 Willamette University                                                    
          [Co-taught with the Hallie Ford Chair, discussed southern culture and writing and helped
          students who were working on a series of poems]

          Directed Studies – EH 594                                                                                                                       2007-2010
          Screen Writing – A Guided Study in Writing a Dramatic Narrative Screenplay:                           
          Elizabeth White                                                                                                                       

          Mixed Genre – Black Serenade: Thomas L. Bigham                                                         
          [The subject matter included a group of related nonfiction narratives and poems
          concerning marriage between people of different cultures and ethnicities.]

          A collection of prose poems: Dominique de Sanctis                                                        
          [Partly autobiographical and based on Lewis Carroll’s books, Alice’s Adventures in
          Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass]

          Independent Research Supervised – EH 599
          A novel – Croc by the River: Michelle Devine 
          Untitled Novel: Terrance Smith                                                                                            

Southeastern Louisiana University [Hammond, La.]

       Instructor – English 101, 102                                                                                                                    2000-2002           
          [Administered grades. Proctor/Grader for the Louisiana Board of Regents]

          Tutor – The Writing Center                                                                                                   
Miles College [HBCU, Fairfield, AL.]

        Lecturer                                                                                                                                                        1998-2000
          English 101, 102
          Modernism 355                                                                                                                    
          [Led discussions and analysis of modernist writings, incorporating great 20th Century
          thinkers such as Marie Curie, Jung, Darwin, Freud, Max Planck, Niels Bohr]

          Creative Writing 320                                                                                                           
          [Conducted readings in contemporary poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama
          as genres of literary expression]

          Poetry 390                                                                                                                             
          [Conducted readings in contemporary poetry; studied forms, metrics and led a workshop
          for students with substantial creative writing projects]

University of Alabama [Birmingham, AL.]

        Instructor – English 101, 102                                                                                                                    1998-2000

        Tutor – UAB Writing Center         

University of Alabama [Tuscaloosa, AL.]

        Graduate Assistant – English 101, 102                                                                                                    1994-1998
          [Co-taught with graduate assistant and administered grades, included weekly theory
          and practicum]

        Graduate Assistant – English Literature I and II                                                               
          [Administered grades, included weekly theory and practicum]

        Graduate Assistant – American Literature I and II     
        Tutor – English/ ESL Lab           

       Daily Metroplitan Newspapers (Reporting/Writing)
          [The Birmingham Post-Herald, The Hattiesburg American, The Hammond Daily Star]             1990

       Weekly News
          [The Birmingham World]
          [Duties included editing, page composition, reporting, photographing, and ad sales]

[ITT Tech, Mobile, AL] 

          [Student Retention]                                                                                                               2013 – 2014
          [Used IRIS, an admission and retention program that included weekly calls to absent
          students, transcribing student responses and gathering evidence of learning, progress
          or problem behavior]

[Crafting Truth: short studies in creative nonfiction, Longman]

          [Editorial Consultant]                                                                                                                               2011
          [Provided editorial support remotely, including developmental and copy editing of text]

[LB Brief with Resources for Composition, Pearson Education, Inc., 7th edition]

          [Editor]                                                                                                                                                        2007
          [Provided content and chapter editing]

[Janus, Miles College]

          [Founder, Editor]                                                                                                                                      1999-Established Journal
          [Founded the creative literature journal in which students published their works and edited

[Oracle: Fine Arts Review, University of South Alabama]

          [Faculty Advisor]
          [Advisor to the student-run magazine supported by SGA, the College of Arts and Sciences,
          and the Departments of English and Visual Arts.]

[Spectrum Magazine, Southeastern Louisiana University]

          [Editor]                                                                                                                                                       1988 – Award Winning
          [Designed pages, created content and edited this news-feature magazine. Won awards in
          the annual Southeast Journalism Conference and three national contests—the Associated
          Collegiate Press, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Society of Collegiate

[Birmingham Urban School – Nonprofit funded by SouthTrust Inc.]

          [Faculty Advisor]                                                                                                                                       1990
          [Components of this after-school program included The Central City Paper, a student-
          produced feature magazine, a Poetry Writing course, and PACE, Processing and Cognitive
          Enhancement—a developmental reading suite. Using this program, I taught at-risk youth
          in inner-city Birmingham and youth who were living in a group home.]

Public Affairs

[Southeastern Louisiana University Office of Minority Student Development]

          [Editor and Designer]                                                                                                                               1989
          [Designed the program’s catalog as part of the university’s effort to increase enrollment of
          minority students]

[Southeastern Louisiana University Department of Intramurals]

          [Provided Intramural Sports content to news media]

[The Center for Urban Missions  
[a nonprofit dedicated to unity, interdependence and diversity.]
          [Marketing Director]                                                                                                                                 1992
          [Provided content for local media and donors. The organization helped at-risk youth who
          lived in Birmingham, AL.]

Performances, Productions and Panels

          [“Selling Race: White Guilt and the Black Dilemma”]
          [Presented at the Regional Arts Center. Hammond, La.]                                                                   2017

          [“Politics, The Papacy and Poetry: A Look at the Pope’s Letter on Climate Change”]
          [Presented at the Regional Arts Center. Hammond, La.]                                                                   2015
          [Poetry Reading, Arts Alive! Poetry Stage. Mobile, AL.]

          [“Bloomsday,” A celebration of Ulysses by James Joyce. Mobile, AL.]
          [Presenter and Performer] 
          [Poetry Café on the Bay. Fairhope, AL.]
          [Mobile in Black and White: Race Relations in the 21st Century, Mobile, AL.]
          [Contributor, A film produced by the Program for the Enhancement of Teaching and
          Learning and the United Way]    
          [Poetry Reading, Arts Alive! Poetry Stage. Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer]                                                                                                                                                2011- Spring and Fall

          [The Slash Pine Poetry Festival. Tuscaloosa, AL.]
          [Performed at The University of Alabama and at venues throughout downtown Tuscaloosa
          and Northport. Writers included Alabama Poet Laureate Sue Brannan Walker, Jeanie
          Thompson and Hank Lazer.]                                                                                                                   2010

Innovative and experimental

          [We the Poets, We the People. Mobile, AL.]
          [In addition to organizing this event, I used software to mix student work with sounds and
          music. This event was part of the university’s Constitution Day Observation.]                                                                                                                                        

          [Poetry Theatre USA (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, part of a monthly series sponsored by the English Dept.]                                           2010

          [Gulf Coast Poetry Tour (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer. This event featured poets from around the South and U.S., including Lorna Dee
          Cervantes, Sue Walker, Mary Carol Moran, Willie James King, Jennifer Horne, Joseph Wood, 
          Irene Latham, and Sue Scalf.]                                                                                                                 2009

          [Poetry Theatre USA (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, University of South Alabama, Dept. of English]   
          [Limestone Dust Poetry Festival (Poetry Reading). Huntsville, AL.]
          [“Take Back the Night” (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, for The Rape Crisis Center of Mobile]       
          [Poetry Outloud. Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer and Judge; Regional Competition]                                                                                     2010-Judge

          [LoDa Art Walk. Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer and Judge, an event sponsored by the Mobile Arts Council]                                        2009-Judge
          [Terminal Switching (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, The Bakery, Downtown]                                                                                                     2008

          [“How to be creative with facts: A Creative Nonfiction Seminar.” Fairhope, AL.]
          [Performer, presented at The Pensters 42nd Anniversary Conference]                                         Contest Judge                                
          [Terminal Switching (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, presented at the University of South Alabama, Main Library]                                    2007-Spring and Fall

          [Favorite Poem Reading (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer and Presenter, at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center]        
          [Terminal Switching (Lectures). Salem, Oregon.]
          [Visiting Professor at Willamette University]                                                                                        2007-Visiting Professor

          [Terminal Switching (Poetry Reading and Presentation). Hammond, La.]
          [Performer and Presenter, Hammond Regional Arts Center]     
          [Whatever Remembers Us (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer at Spring Hill College, John & Marnie Burke Memorial Library]          
          [Memorial Day with novelist Olympia Vernon (Fiction and Poetry Readings). Hammond, La.]
          [Performer, Southeastern Louisiana University]                     
          [LoDa Art Walk (Book Signing/Lecture). Mobile, AL.]
          [Bienville Books at historic downtown Mobile]                 
          [Take Back the Night (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer for the Rape Crisis Center of Mobile]            
          [Poetry Theatre USA (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Sigma Tau Delta Awards Ceremony (Fiction Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer and Presenter, Student Center Terrace]                      
          [The Eugene Walter Writer’s Festival. Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer/Panelist]                                                                                                                                 2006

          [Martin Luther King Day Observance (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, at Mobile Government Plaza. The event was a joint production of the University
          of South Alabama Department of Arts and Sciences and African-American Studies, with
          Bernice Johnson Reagon from Sweet Honey in the Rock]      
          [LoDa Art Walk (Poetry Reading/Participant). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer and supervisor of Art Walk’s “Poet-Tree” display project]   
          [“Poetry, Being and Language,” a look at Martin Heidegger and his view of poetry through
          the work of Hölderlin. The Eugene Walter Writer’s Festival. Mobile, AL.]
          [Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers (Fiction Reading). Fairhope, AL.]
          [Performer, at University of South Alabama, Baldwin County Campus]                                         2005

          [USA’s Elderhostel Program, Odyssey (Creative Nonfiction Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, The University of South Alabama]                                                                                    2004

          [Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers (Poetry Reading). Fairhope, AL.]
          [Performer, University of South Alabama, Baldwin County Campus]       
          [Poetry Theatre USA (Poetry Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, presented at Satori Sound]          
          [The Eugene Walter Writer’s Festival (Poetry Reading and Master Class). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, with Marge Piercy]                  
          [Conflict in Southern Writing (Poetry Reading). Montgomery, AL.]
          [Performer, Troy University Conference]     
          [The Nature Conservancy (Creative Nonfiction Reading). Mobile, AL.]
          [Performer, presented at The Nature Conservancy as part of the Splinter Hill Bog Writing
          Project]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2003
          [Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers (Poetry Reading). Fairhope, AL.]
          [Performer, presented at the University of South Alabama, Baldwin County Campus] 
          [ArtBurst (Poetry Readings). Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham, AL.]
          [Performer]                                                                                                                                                2003-2002

Writing Outreach Workshops
[Presented workshops for USA students and the public, Humanities Building.]                                     2005-2010

        Essay Organization
        Essay Prep
        Writing Style
        The Writer’s Folder (building essay content)
        Word Choice & Mood (HUMB 144)
        Using creative writing techniques in your composition
        Creating Coherence
        Avoiding Plagiarism
        Revision Techniques
        Grammar and Style Tips


        [Graduate Thesis, “The Perfect Solid,” a work of fiction]
          [All hell breaks loose in rural Mississippi when a gifted young African-American Creole girl
          finds a protector in the unlikeliest—and whitest—of people: a middle-aged businessman
          whose kindness and sense of justice puts him in the cross hairs of every bigot in town,
          including his own father.]        
          [Terminal Switching. Ed. By John J. Chambers. Elk River Press.]
          [Poetry collection]                                                                                                                                     2007

          [“The light will bring you home.” Birmingham Arts Journal. Birmingham, AL.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2018

          [“All it is Missing.” Rigorous. Volume One. Issue 4. Jefferson Parish, La.]
          [Web]                                                                                                                                                          2017

          [“Ironic Structure.” HEArt: Human Equity through Art.
          Ed. By Leslie Anne Mcilroy. Pittsburgh, Ohio]
          [Reprinted in Kenyon Review. Mix-Tape 3: Thankfulness as Wakefulness.
          Ed. By Rosebud Ben-Oni. Web]      
          [“Even Ugliness Delights.” New Theory. No. 4. Ed. By Jayson Iwen]
          [“Perfect.” Storm Cellar. Vol. VI, No. 2. St. Paul, Minn. & Philadelphia, Penn.]
          [Web. Print]                                              
          [“Sound is Sermonic.” Edify Publications, LLC.]
          [“Anyone can write, but not everyone can grow a garden.” Cold Creek Review. Issue I]
          [“All Our Seeing Is Not Without Obscurity.” The Hamilton Stone Review.]

          —. "The Southern House Mosquito.” The Hamilton Stone Review                                
          [from the epigram to Alford’s Devotional and Guide to Poetry. Sick Lit Magazine.]
          [Web]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2016
          —. “Opening Lines.” Sick Lit Magazine

          —.”There had been no gate" was an excerpt from “On Broken Things.” Sick Lit Magazine
          —. "You see your savior's death and blood" was an excerpt from “On Broken Things.” Sick
          Lit Magazine

          [“Taste” Anima, Issue 3. West Sussex, England]
          [“Romantic Sensibility in Popular Culture and Why It Persists.” Mud Season Review, Issue 22]
          [Web. Print]               
          —. “Trust Yourself.” Mud Season Review
          —. “The Quarters.” Mud Season Review
          —. “Using the F-word in a Poem.” Mud Season Review
          —. “The Retourné.” Mud Season Review
          —. “Mating Season.” Mud Season Review

          [“Traditional Lyric” Contemporary Rural Social Work Ed., Dr. Peggy Pittman-Munke. Minot,
          [Published from Minot State University. Blind-reviewed by three reviewers who are selected
          based on their knowledge and expertise related to the topic of the manuscript. Web]                                
          [“Stings.” 3Elements Review, Fall Issue 12]
          [“Ethics After Hurricane Katrina.” Chantwood Press. Greeley, CO]
          [Magazine, Web and eBook]            
          [“Parataxis.” The James Dickey Review. Waleska, GA]

          [“Find Your Muse.” Gyroscope Review, Issue 16.1]
          [Paper presented to the Historical Society for American Women, Athens, Ohio]    
          [“Love Poem.” Arsenic Lobster, Issue 42]
          [Print and Web]

          [“Nature is Overwhelmed with Places of Worship.” Kudzu House. Issue 5.4]
          [Web]                                                                                                                                                           2015

          [“Working Environment.” Aaduna, Aubrun, Ny]
          [“I say yes.” Lalitamba, Annual Issue]
          [Print Magazine. Published by Chintamani Books.]  
          [“Insults Keep us up the Way Uplifting Language Should.” Vilas Avenue]
          —. “Creatively Commit.” sections appeared as epigraphs in Vilas Avenue       
          [“Study to be Quiet.” Cleaver Magazine. Issue 9]
          [“Dead Forms.” Crack the Spine, Issue 123]
          [Web]                                                                                                                                                           2014

          [“My First Love.” Belle Rêve Literary Journal, Issue 14.2]

          [“Solving Word Problems.” The Commonline Journal, Issue 25]
          [“What to Leave Out.” Little Patuxent Review, No. 1941-2058. Ed., Laura Shovan. Columbia,

          [“Memoriam for Jake Adam York.” Evening Will Come: a monthly journal of poetics-
          Tribute to Jake Adam York. Ed., Afton Wilky. No. 26.]                                                                         2013

          [“Rules.” Kumquat Poetry, Norwich, UK]
          [Web]                                                                                                                                      2012

          [“Odysseus.” African American Review, Vol. 44, No. 3, St. Louis University]
          [Print. Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/i23316074]                                                               2011

          —. “How Far Would You Get Without the Devil.” African American Review
          —. “Things Needed for a Journey.” African American Review
          —. “Congo.” African American Review

          [“How to Write a Real Poem.” Comstock Review, Fall/Winter Awards Issue. Syracuse, NY]
          [Print. This poem received an honorable mention in the Muriel Craft Bailey Prize contest.]                      
          [“Metropolitan Gardens.” Imagination & Place Press, Lawrence, Kansas]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2010

          [“Dancing with Tall Creole Woman.” Louisiana Literature, 27(2) Ed., Jack Bedell.]
          [Print, Bedell is the current Poet Laureate of Louisiana]

          —. “The Street We Lived On.” Louisiana Literature

          [“Daisy is Lost I & II.” Poetry Letter & Literary Review (PL&LR)]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2008

          [“The Leper.”  Broken Bridge Review, Vol.3 172-173.]
          [“Bread.” The Alembic, Issue 12. Providence, RI]
          [Print, Providence College]        
          [“To My Mother Who Smokes Too Much. Thicket:
          [A Journal of Alabama Literature. Ed., Jake Adam York]
          [Currently curated by StorySouth.com]                                                                                                2006

          —. “Handle with Care.” Thicket
          —. “Heaven.” Thicket
          —. “The Paper Ark.”  Thicket

           [“Hosea Preaches.” Louisiana Literature, Vol. 20, No. 2, Winter, Ed., Jack Bedell.]
           [Print]                                                                                                                                                         2003
          —. “The Philosophy of Moll Flanders.”  Louisiana Literature

          [“Smoke.” If I could tell you anything project. The Right-Angle Publishing]
          [Proceeds from sales to benefit the National Police Accountability Project, a non-profit
          dedicated to ending abuse of authority by police and law enforcement officers.]                       2018

          [“Baptist Lullaby.” [Softness] An Anthology. Dickinson House. East Flanders, Belgium.]
          [“Use Love Again and Again.” Freedom Writes. Montgomery, AL.]
          [Print, Subterranean Blue Poetry imprint, and eBook]                                                                       2017
          [“Equanimity.” Journey of the Wounded Soul: Poetic Companions for Spiritual Struggles:
          University Professors Press. Ed., Louis Hoffman, PhD.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2016
          [“The Psalms.” Getting Old Anthology. KY Story. Ed., Ashley Parker Owens. Richmond, KY.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2015

          [“Spill.” The Gulf Stream: Poems of the Gulf Coast. Eds., Brent House and Jeff Newberry.
          Snake Nation Press. Valdosta, GA.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2013

          [“Rappelling at Eagle’s Point.” Poetstuffers. Ed., Brian Wrixon. Ontario, Canada
          [Print, a work of Poetstuffers, an online writing group. Moderator]     
          [“Rappelling at Eagle’s Point.” Whatever Remembers Us. Eds., S.B Walker & J. Chambers.
          Negative Capability Press. Mobile, Al.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2007

 Creative Nonfiction
          [“Pine and Water.” Louisiana Literature, 30 (2)]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2012

          [“Elderhostel Roadkill. Sense Magazine, 1 (4). Fairhope, AL.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2010

          [“They Wander Each and Each Alike.” Splinter Hill Bog: The Writing Project. Bog Press.
          Ed., Janet Nodar. Mobile, AL.]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2003

 Short fiction
          [“The Football Boy.” My Legacy, 1 (32).]
          [Print]                                                                                                                                                          2001

 Public relations/advertisements
          [Poets & Writers Magazine, Inc. (advertisement for The Eugene Walter’s Writer’s Festival).
          National Trade]
          [Designed advertisement, wrote content, placed and oversaw fundraising]                                 2006-2007

          [Children of the Changing South. Ed. By Foster Dickson. McFarland & Company, Jefferson,
          NC. First Draft Reviews Online. Alabama Writers’ Forum.]
          [Nonfiction>Sociology, Race Relations, Discrimination, Politics]                                                      2012

          [Silver by Jason McCall. Main Street Rag Publishing Company. First Draft Reviews Online.
          Alabama Writers’ Forum.]
          [Beyond Katrina: A Meditation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast by Natasha Trethewey.
          University of Georgia Press, Athens, GA. First Draft Reviews Online. Alabama Writers’
          [Nonfiction]                                                                                                                                                2011

          [Rhapsody for Lessons Learned or Remembered by Georgia Banks-Martin. Plain View Press.
          First Draft Reviews Online. Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [eyestodewhurld by E.E. Wade. Blue Rooster Press, Birmingham, AL.
          First Draft Reviews Online. Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Meeting Myself ’Round the Corner by Carol Prejean Zippert. NewSouth Books. Montgomery,
          AL. First Draft Reviews Online. Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Poetry]                                                                                                                                                       2009

          [A Murmuration of Starlings by Jake Adam York. Southern Illinois University Press as part of
          the 2008 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry. Carbondale, ILL. First Draft Reviews Online. 
          Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Poetry]                                                                                                                                                       2008

          [Focus on Fitness: 5 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle by Jerry B. Williams. Lambert Book House,
          Inc., Florence, AL. First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Even the Hollow My Body Made is Gone by Janice N. Harrington. BOA Editions Ltd.,
          Rochester, NY. First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama Writer’s Forum.]

          [Parables and Revelations by Tony Crunk. Finishing Line Press, Georgetown, KY.
          First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama writer’s forum.]
          [Poetry]                                                                                                                                                       2006

          [Outlandish Blues by Honorée Fanonne Jeffers. Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT.
          First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Poetry]                                                                                                                                                       2005

           [The Actual Moon, The Actual Stars by Chris Forhan, Robert Cording (Introduction). 
           Northeastern University Press, Lebanon, NH. First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama Writer’s
           [Poetry, The 2003 Morse Poetry Prize]                                                                                                 2004

          [Someone Else’s Name by Joseph Harrison, Anthony Hecht (Introduction). Zoo Press, Lincoln,
          Nebraska. First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama Writer’s Forum.]
          [Belloqu’s Ophelia by Natasha Trethewey. Graywolf Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
          First Draft Reviews Online, Alabama writer’s forum.]
          [Poetry]                                                                                                                                  2003
          [“Poetry and Collage: The Work of Cognitive Dissonance.” Creative Arts Studio]
          [Interviewed by visual artist Amanda Beck Mauck for AmandaBeckMauck.com]                         2016

          [“Destiny is the primary measure.” Mud Season Review, Issue 22]
          [Interviewed by poetry co-editor Chris LaMay-West and editor-in-chief Rebecca Starks.]           2017
          Service to the State of Alabama
          [Literary Arts Fellowship Panel/The Alabama State Council on the Arts]
          [Evaluated fellowship grants.Two fellowships awarded to indiviudal writers.]                              2011

          Service on University Committees
          [University Library Committee]
          [Planned concerning library services, budget and allocation of resources.]                                  2009-2010 Chair

          Service on College-Level Committees
          [Board of Student Communication]
          [Provided valuable input given my experience as a journalist. This board was responsible for
          the allocation of resources and hiring for student communications*]                                           2004-2011

          Service on Departmental-Level Committees
          [Creative Writing Committee]
                                                                                                                                                                               2006-2007 Chair

          [Scholarship, Endowments, and Gifts Committee]                                                                             2004-2010 Chair

          [Technology Committee]                                                                                                                         2007-2010
          [Undergraduate Committee]                                                                                                                  2007-2008
          [The Eugene Walter Writer’s Festival Committee]                                                                               2004-2008
          [The Graduate Advising Committee]                                                                                                     2009-2010

          [Hiring Committees: Generalist/Romanticist, Creative Writing, Composition]

        Student Organizations Advised

          [The Creative Writing Club]                                                                                                                     2008-2009
          [Hip-Hop Poetry]                                                                                                                                       2008
          [Comics & Graphic Novels]                                                                                                                     2008
          [Room 3-B Fantasy Writers]

          [Oracle Fine Arts Review]
          [USA’s student-run journal, supported by SGA, the College of Arts and Sciences and the
          Departments of English and Visual Arts. Involved in planning stages of journal, first
          published in 2003]                                                                                                                                    2002-2004

          [English – native language]
          [Spanish – Read with basic competence]

          [The Associated Writing Programs (AWP)]
          [The Modern Language Association (MLA)]
          [The Gulf Coast Teachers & Writers Association]
          [The Pacific Northwest Writers Association]
          [Gulf South Historical Association]

         Continuing Education credits
          [Creating Student Success]
          [Preparing to Teach]
          [Basic Teaching Skills]
          [The Brain and Learning]
          [Memory and Cognition]
          [Communication Strategies and Techniques]
          [Classroom Management Techniques]
          [How to Motivate College Students]
          [Evaluation Techniques]


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